Installing Operational Reporting for Oracle 12c (PDB)

  1. Install Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) in Oracle server.
  2. Run the ./ggsci command in the <ogg_home> directory to start the OGG Manager.

  3. Copy the *.prm files from the <Op_Report_Home>\DB\install\ogg directory to the <ogg_home>\dirprm directory.
  4. Copy the ggsci_input.txt file from the <Op_Report_Home>\DB\install\ogg directory to the <ogg_home> directory, and run the ./ggsci < ggsci_input.txt command.
  5. In the <ogg_home> directory, run the ./ggsci > info all command to see whether the extract, data dump, and replicat jobs are running.