Capture Strategic Alignment Information

Portfolio managers define strategic themes at the portfolio level, and managers or submitters of portfolio initiatives align them with strategic themes.

Define Strategic Themes

Strategic themes are the pillars that support the portfolio strategy. They are the main, high-level strategic focus areas of your organization. Strategic themes connect the evolving enterprise business strategy to the portfolio vision which is then inherited by the portfolio contents.

Note: The term "Strategic Themes" may have a different name in your organization, for example "Business Outcomes". That's because PPM System Administrator might rename “Strategic Themes” by updating the validation "PFM - Strategic Themes Labels". Changes will take effect on every PPM menu and label.

Note: For portfolios using the global or parent portfolio strategic themes, after upgrade to PPM 9.61 from 9.60 and earlier, the strategic themes are copied to the portfolio and can be edited in the strategic themes list. As a result, the strategic alignment of the portfolio contents and business goals using these strategic themes is updated as well.

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Align Initiatives with Strategic Themes

Once strategic themes are defined in the portfolio level, the Strategic Theme field is available in the request details page > Strategy section of the portfolio initiatives.

To align an initiative with one strategic theme, the initiative owner fill the field with the strategic theme.

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