Introduction to Configuring and Generating Fiscal Periods

To generate fiscal periods that reflect your company's fiscal calendar and that have the appearance you want, PPM provides configuration files and the script, allowing you to do the following:

  • Shift fiscal years so that they always start on the first day of the month you specify. Quarters are automatically adjusted accordingly.

  • Specify the start day of the week, used in Financial Management. The default is Sunday.

  • For each supported language, independently specify the following:

    • The formats of periods (years, half-years, quarters, and months) as they appear in financial summaries and elsewhere, and the format of weeks as they appear in the Analyze Cumulative Cost Metrics page in Financial Management

    • The names of months (or similar periods used in retail calendars)

  • To reflect retail calendars, specify particular start and end dates of fiscal years, half-years, quarters, and months.

Note: For your convenience, PPM version 9.50 provides a set of fiscal periods in the system default language for the years 1998–2018. Each fiscal year begins on January 1.