Changing the Start Day of Weeks

In Financial Management, the Analyze Cumulative Cost Metrics page and portlet present projected and actual project costs and other cost metrics cumulatively by week (for more information, see the Financial Management User Guide). You can run the script to change which day of the week is used as the start day for the weeks. Usually, this procedure will need to be performed only once, if at all.

Caution: If you need to change the start day of the week from its default (Sunday) for a new installation of PPM, you must change it before generating any periods and you must retain the new setting thereafter.

To change the start day for all of the weeks:

  1. Open the periods.conf configuration file in the <PPM_Home>/conf/fiscal directory. (The parameters in this file apply to all languages.)

  2. Change the value of the START_DAY_OF_WEEK parameter to one of the following values:

    • 1 to make Sunday the start day for all weeks. This is the default.

    • 2 to make Monday the start day for all weeks.

    • 3 to make Tuesday the start day for all weeks.

    • 4 to make Wednesday the start day for all weeks.

    • 5 to make Thursday the start day for all weeks.

    • 6 to make Friday the start day for all weeks.

    • 7 to make Saturday the start day for all weeks.

  3. Save and close the periods.conf configuration file.

    You do not need to run the script immediately. The next time the script is run to generate periods, the new starting day of the week will apply to new weeks the script generates.

  4. Return to Introduction to the Script and Associated Configuration Files to determine whether you need to change configuration files further. If not, go to Generating Periods.