Generating Periods for a Retail Calendar

As detailed in the following sections, you establish periods for a retail calendar for a new installation as follows:

  • Delete any existing period definitions in PPM

  • Create a period definitions file from scratch or by exporting the period definitions, if any, in the database

  • Modify the period definitions file to cover a set of fiscal years with the required sets of periods (years, half-years, quarters, and months), each specified to span particular start and end days

  • Modify the language configuration files (periods_<language>.conf) to use the desired period names and formats

  • Run the script to import the period definitions file and generate the set of periods it specifies

Caution: Weeks are generated among the periods even though you must not specify them in the period definitions file. If you need to change the start day of each week, you must do so before generating any periods. See Changing the Start Day of Weeks.