Configuring Global Portfolio Settings

The Global Portfolio Settings page allows you to configure the settings that apply to all the portfolios in the system. This section provides the settings details.

Who can configure global portfolio settings

You should meet the following requirements to open the Global Portfolio Settings page and configure the settings:

  • The Portfolio Management license or the Configuration license
  • The Configure Portfolio Management access grant
  • The View All Portfolios, Edit Portfolio, or Edit All Portfolios access grant

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Access global portfolio settings page

  • From portfolio details page:

    1. Click Open > Portfolio Management to open the My Portfolios page
    2. In the My Portfolios page, top-right corner, click the Global Portfolio Settings icon()
  • From PPM menu:

    Click Open > Administration > Portfolio Management > Configure Global Portfolio Settings.

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Portfolio overview settings

Settings Details
Enable Portfolio Overview Customization

Turn on the toggle to enable portfolio overview customization. When it is turned on, you can set the default view of the Overview tab for all the portfolios in the system and the Change Overview Layout becomes enabled in the portfolio details page, allowing the portfolio managers to change their overview layout to override the default setting.

The rest settings are enabled only when this setting is turned on.

Set Portfolio Overview Default View
  • Click Add Portlet to add portlets to be displayed on the portfolio Overview tab.
  • Use the icons in the upper-right corner of the portlet to edit the preferences and adjust the width for each portlet.

  • Drag and place a portlet to adjust the position.

For details, see Portfolio Overview.

These settings determine how the overview tab is displayed when a user opens the tab of any portfolios for the first time.

If no default view is set, the portfolio Overview tab will display the Portfolio Financial Summary portlet.

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Portfolio backlog settings

Settings Details
Enable Portfolio Backlog

Turn on the toggle to enable Portfolio Backlog. The Backlog tab becomes available in the portfolio details page.

The rest setting are enabled only when this setting is turned on.

Set Portfolio Backlog Default Layout

Set the system default layout. All users can apply the default layout settings to their portfolio backlog. The settings contain the following:

  • Which view is used
  • Which columns are displayed
  • Column width
  • Group-by fields
  • Filters
  • Sorting

For details of how to set them, see Plain List View.

This view settings determine how the Backlog tab will be displayed when users go to the tab of the first portfolio they open.

If a user adjusts the layout settings in the current portfolio and leaves for another portfolio, PPM will remember the adjusted layout settings and apply the settings to the new portfolio.

Supported views: Plain List, Hierarchy, Board, and Roadmap.

Supported group-by fields: same as what is listed in Group backlog items.

Supported filters: Cost Health, Issue Health, Overall Health, Schedule Health, Status, Type, and the other custom list-validated auto-complete-list and drop-down-list fields that are selected to display for proposals/projects/assets in a portfolio.

Select Aggregable Fields

Click Add to select the fields whose values will be aggregated and displayed in the group-by line after portfolio backlogs are grouped.

The aggregable fields are sorted in the same order as they are in the field list.

Default aggregable fields:

  • Approved Budge
  • Forecast Cost
  • Actual Cost
  • Forecast Benefit
  • Actual Benefit

Supported aggregable fields:

  • OOTB cost fields: Approved Budget, Forecast Cost, Actual Cost, Forecast Benefit, Actual Benefit, Approved Capital Budget, Approved Operating Budget, Forecast Capital Cost, Forecast Operating Cost, Actual Capital Cost, and Actual Operating Cost
  • Custom numeric and currency fields that are selected to display for proposals/projects/assets in a portfolio. See Configuring Portfolio and Scenario Comparison Options.
Set Backlog Board View Default Layout

This is to set how the portfolio backlog Board view is displayed when a user opens the view for the first time.

The settings include the following:

  • The board's column
  • The board's swim lane
  • Which backlog information to be displayed on the card
  • The order in which the information is displayed on the card

Fields that can be used as Column and Swim Lane: see Which fields can be used as Column and Swim Lane?.

Default information displayed on the card: Name, Type, Status, Strategic Theme, Cost Health, Schedule Health, Issue Health and Project Manager if it is selected in the Configure Portfolio and Scenario Comparison Options page.

All of the portfolio backlog information can be selected to be displayed on the card.

You can see how the card looks like on the right. Drag and drop the item on the card to adjust the order.

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