Read this section when you encounter problems with the ETL process.

Unable to Pass the System Check


Example: System check didn't pass, ETL process won't be started.
1 stream contained by this ETL is still running in other process.
Failed to start ETL, please read the information above.


The error occurs when the ETL process was interrupted accidentally.


To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  1. To configure the environment variable for DERBY_HOME, run the following commands on the Linux system:

    export DERBY_HOME=%VDW_HOME/Derby/db-derby-

    . $DERBY_HOME/bin/setEmbeddedCP

  2. Run the following commands sequentially so that the derby repository can be accessed:

    1. Connect to the derby database:

      $java -Dij.protocol=jdbc:derby:

      connect '<VDW_HOME>/Derby /SBRepo;create=true;user=dbadmin;password=password';

      <VDW_HOME> is the directory where you have the Vertica for PPM data warehouse installed.

    2. Make sure that the ETL running state is correct:

      select p.STRING_VAL from batch_job_execution e, batch_job_execution_params p  where e.job_execution_id=p.job_execution_id and e.status in ('STARTING', 'STARTED', 'STOPPING') and p.KEY_NAME =’ <STREAMNAME>’;

      <STREAMNAME> is the name of the ETL stream that has this error.

    3. Update running state:

      update batch_job_execution set status=' ABANDONED' WHERE STATUS IN ('STARTING', 'STARTED', 'STOPPING');
    4. Disconnet and exit:

      ij> disconnect;

      ij> exit;