ETL Architecture

The Vertica for PPM content pack includes a flexible ETL Engine that can generate Vertica SQLs to process data based on metadata defined in the JSON format in content packs. Leveraging the flexible metadata and ETL Engine, you can easily extended ETL Content to extract data from more PPM tables and store them in the Vertica database for later data consumption.

All content are packaged to content packs. Two types of content packs are available: source content pack and target content pack. Source content pack includes source entity metadata, extraction entity metadata, and stream definitions. Whereas target content pack only contains target entities. For explanations of source entity, target entity, extraction entity, and stream, see Entity Attribute Descriptions.

After all metadata are developed, administrators can use the Content Manager tool to deploy that content pack. For detailed instructions on how to deploy a content pack, see Vertica for PPM Administrator Guide. After that, administrators can schedule ETL job with crontab to start data extraction.