In the TARGET step, the system loads data to the target tables. It obtains the primary key generated in the KEYLOOKUP step, inserts data from the *_XFRN tables to the target tables, updates the target tables according to the data from the *_XFRU and *_XFRU2 tables, and marks the records as deleted through setting MD_ACTIVESTATUSIND to N and updating MD_DELETEDATE as sysdate.

If late arriving data in the previous batch arrives, the system updates MD_BATCH_ID in the *_ XREF tables with the current batch ID.

*_XFRN, *_XFRD, *_XFRU, *_XFRU2, and *_KEY_LOOKUP tables are input in this step while DIM_*, FACT_*, or BRIDGE_* tables are output.

The following table lists the key staging tables.

Key Staging Tables

Table Name

Table Description


Target dimension tables that include data for reporting.

FACT_<TARGET_ENTITY_NAME> Target fact tables that include data for reporting.
BRIDGE_<TARGET_ENTITY_NAME> Target bridge tables that include data for reporting of many-to-many relationships.