ETL Step 8: TSNP

In the TSNP step, the system maintains snapshot tables. The system copies all records from *_EXT tables to *_TSNP tables to keep a snapshot. The *_TSNP tables are used as a source for prefilled data and also for Change Data Capture.

The system also updates the LAST_EXTRACTION_VALUE field of the DATA_SOURCE_CDC_STAMP table. Extract Engine extracts data from the PPM database incrementally based on the value of this field. The *_TSNP tables track the change history of the PPM data as well.

*_EXT tables are input in this step while *_ TSNP tables are output.

The following table lists the key staging tables.

Key Staging Tables

Table Name

Table Description


Snapshot tables that contain data extracted from PPM. It contains both the latest data and the history data.


A table in the management schema. Extractor Engine relies on this field to extract data incrementally.