Performing the Upgrade

This section provides the steps used to upgrade from PPM version 9.50 to version 9.60 on Windows and UNIX systems. It includes instructions for upgrading a stand-alone instance and additional PPM Servers in a clustered system configuration. Post-Upgrade Tasks provides information on what to do after you upgrade.

Note: We strongly recommend that you upgrade a test instance before you upgrade your production instance. If you do not have a test instance, consider creating one for this purpose. For instructions on how to do this, see the Installation and Administration Guide.

The upgrade executable (Windows) or upgrade utility (UNIX) starts the file system and database schema upgrade process. Upgrading the database schema can take several hours. The upgrade utility asks you for the password for the PPM user, and for a user with system-level database accounts.

Caution: The PPM database must have at least 400 MB of undo tablespace allocated for every one million (1,000,000) records in the ITG_COMPRESSED_ELEMENTS table.