In Case of Upgrade Failure

Do the following:

  • Implement the Back Out Plan

    If an error occurs during a PROD environment upgrade, implement the Back Out Plan.

  • Run Script

    If the upgrade fails at any point, run the script. This extracts relevant information about the problem from the database log tables and log files and generates an HTML file that contains the information.

    The generated HTML file helps pinpoint the root cause by listing each upgrade task and indicating whether he task was successfully run, failed, or was not run. It also includes the upgrade build number for reference. For information about the script and how to run it, see the Installation and Administration Guide.

  • Check Upgrade Log Files

    Upgrade log files are stored in the <PPM_Home>/upgrade_960/logs directory. The ppm_upgrade.log file in this directory may serve as an entry point, pointing you to other logs in the directory.

    It is possible that you may need to run the upgrade process in several iterations. Every time you run an upgrade iteration, PPM will create a "run iteration number", so the ppm_upgrade.log file may point to a directory like this: <PPM_Home>/upgrade_960/logs/<Run_Interation_Number>.

    For example, your first upgrade iteration fails and you run the upgrade process again, then you should see the following log directories: