Using Excel Reports for Vertica for PPM

This section provides instructions on how to use the Microsoft Excel version of the reports that Micro Focus supplies with Vertica for PPM from PPM.

The OOTB Vertica for PPMExcel reports include:

  • Top 10 Skills Requested Report
  • Resource Location Distribution Report
  • Demand vs Supply Report
  • Resource Pools Allocation Report
  • Resource Distribution Report
  • Resource Assignment Report
  • Resource Utilization Report
  • Project Resource Leave Report
  • Resource Leave Report
  • Hot Positions Report
  • Position Demand Trend and Prediction Report
  • Resource Profile by Project Report
  • Resource Profile by Resource Pool Report

Software Requirements

You should meet the following requirements to use Excel reports for Vertica for PPM:

  • PPM 9.3x

    For instructions on installing PPM 9.30, see Installation and Administration Guide.

    For instructions on upgrading to PPM 9.30, see Upgrade Guide.

  • Vertica for PPM Content Pack 1.0

    For information about installing Vertica for PPM Content Pack 1.0, see Vertica for PPM Administrator's Guidefor Content Pack 1.0.

  • Microsoft Excel 2013