Set up Display Options - Self-Service Portlet

Self-Service portlet provides the full flexibility to define what data to present and how the data is presented. Anyone with the required access grant can create a Self-Service portlet without any pre-configuration. This section provides details on how to set up Self-Service portlet.

Where Self-Service portlet can be used

Self-Service portlet can be added to and edited from the following pages:

  • Portfolio Type Settings page

  • Portfolio Overview tab

  • Project Type Settings page

  • Project Overview page

  • PPM Dashboard pages (Private and Shared Dashboard pages)

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Self-Service portlet data source

Self-Service portlet uses the OData data source. They are listed in the right pane of the Edit Preferences page. PPM provides the following data sources for Self-Service portlet:

  • Portfolio Items: Provides portfolio backlog related data that can be selected to present in Self-Service portlet.

    You must have the Portfolio Management license to view and select this data source.

  • Financial Costs: Provides financial costs related data that can be selected to present in Self-Service portlet.

    Note: Only the financial data of projects, programs, and portfolios can be displayed in Self-Service portlet.

    You must have either of the following licenses to view and select this data source:

    • Demand Management license

    • Project Management license

    • Program Management license

    • Portfolio Management license

    • Configuration license

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Set up display options

Define what data to present and how it is presented.

  1. Click the Visualization pane and select the display type.

  2. Set up display options

    This step requires different information for different display types.

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Add filters

Filter the data displayed on Self-Service portlet.

  1. Click the Filters pane to add filters.

  2. In the Data source preference section, set data source preferences.

    The fields in the Data source preference section change dynamically, depending on the data source you select.

  3. In the Field filters section, set the field filters for Self-Service portlet.

    1. Drag and drop a field by which to filter data.

    2. Select a filter condition, and select the filter values.

    3. Repeat step a through step b to apply another filter.

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Preview and change portlet name

  • As you are setting up the display options, you can preview how the portlet looks like on the left of the Edit Preferences page.

  • To change the portlet name, at the left top of the Edit Preferences page, provide a name for the portlet.

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