Overview of the Cameo.xml File

The Cameo.dtd file defines the legal building blocks for the PPM supplemental product documents.

The structure of the XML is as follows:

  • Section. Information is presented in one column.

    This data uses the <section> element.

    The section can include zero or more documents. If no documents are included the Additional Project and Portfolio Management Center Products will not appear in the Supplemental Information section of the "home" page of the PPM Documentation Library.

  • Documents. Titles and links that specify supplemental product documents (such as Deployment Management Extension for Oracle Technology Guide) are presented in a single list.

    This data relies on the <document> element.

    A document is composed of:

    • Document title (using the <dtitle> element)

    • Document file name (using the <dfn> element)

      Specify the path of the file relative to the pdf directory (see Where to Find the Files for details on the PPM Server file organization).

    • (Possibly optional) Document type (using the <dtype> element)

      If the file format is not PDF, the file format must also be included (see Supported File Types for details).

      Note that HTML formatted files are not supported for this category.

For your convenience, the Cameo.dtd file is included in Sample Files. The content for this XML file is optional; however, an “empty” file similar to the following must be provided.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE cameo SYSTEM "Cameo.dtd">