Supported File Types

A file type is specified so that the applicable icon appears next to the link for the file (as shown in Figure 4-5. Custom documentation page). The intent is to provide a visual cue, indicating the type of application needed on the client system to view the document.

Note: Specifying a file type does not ensure that the corresponding application is installed on the client—this is the responsibility of the user or the site's IT department.

The case-sensitive file type designators that have corresponding icons include the following file types:

  • doc (for Microsoft Word files)

  • pdf (for PDF files)

  • ppt (for Microsoft PowerPoint files)

  • txt (for text files)

  • vid (for movie files, such as AVI)

  • xls (for Microsoft Excel files)

  • zip (for archive files)

  • htm (for HTML formatted files)

    The htm file type designation is supported only for custom, site-specific documents and its use is limited to the Custom.xml file. Do not specify this document type in Library.xml or Cameo.xml files.

If you want to host a file type that is not on this list, specify NONE (in upper case) for the file type.