Guidelines for Modifying the Library Files

Carefully consider each of the following recommendations whenever modifying the XML files:

  • Before making any modifications, save a backup copy of the file and store it in a safe location.

  • Do not make changes to the DTD, HTML, or JavaScript files that support the PPM Documentation Library.

  • Changes to the CSS files for the PPM Documentation Library should be limited to rebranding activities.

  • Make sure that the documents displayed on each PPM Documentation Library page are downloaded to the applicable location on the PPM Server and are accessible from the library.

  • Always verify your changes, using both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The PPM Documentation Library framework also includes a rudimentary set of verification pages for each of these XML files. These pages help determine whether any XML modifications conform to the DTD. These verification pages are merely preliminary test tools that can be used during the development of your customized pages.

Caution: Even if the verification page indicates that the XML is valid, this does not guarantee that the modified XML files will properly render.

You should always verify your changes with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.