Where to Find the Files

The PPM Documentation Library files are found in the <PPM_Home>/pdf directory, or one of its subdirectories. The <PPM_Home> placeholder represents the path where your PPM instance was installed. For example: xyzserver/E$/PPMServer.

  • The Library.xml and Cameo.xml (and their corresponding DTD and verification) files are found in <PPM_Home>/pdf.

    • The English-language documents displayed on these Web pages should be stored in <PPM_Home>/pdf/en.

      Translated documents should be stored in a corresponding language folder, which you will need to create. For example, German language documents should be stored in <PPM_Home>/pdf/de.

  • The Custom.xml and verification files are found in <PPM_Home>/pdf/Custom.

    The corresponding DTD file is found in <PPM_Home>/pdf.

    • The site-specific documents displayed on this Web page should be stored in <PPM_Home>/pdf/Custom.