JSP Page Definitions

It is possible to modify the look and feel by changing your JSP page definitions. JSP pages are dynamic HTML documents, which are interpreted by the PPM JSP engine prior to being presented to a Web browser.

Before you change your JSP files, note the following points:

  • JSP files contain tag-like entries, such as:

    <knta:I18NGetBundle bundleName="KEXP_Resources" />

    These tags are not standard HTML tags. The tags act as placeholders where the JSP engine should insert information known at the time of the user's request on the server side.

  • JSP files often contain Java™ code that sends and retrieves data from the PPM Server, or pulls information stored in the user's session.

  • JSP files may also contain client-side JavaScript. JSP files often use dynamically-provided information in client-side JavaScript (<SCRIPT language='Javascript'> tags).