Header.jsp File

The common header file, Header.jsp, affects the standard interface layout. Header.jsp divides the page into three main sections:

  • Menu bar

  • Navigation path (the "bread crumbs" presented directly below the menu bar)

  • Page content (for non-Dashboard pages)

Every time Header.jsp gets called, the navigation path, menu bar, and page content are generated. By default, any pages that include the Header.jsp will get the navigation path and the menu bar. However, it is possible to control whether the menu bar or navigation path should be displayed, and also the background color of the page.

  • Menu bar. The variable, displayMenuFlag, sets whether the menu bar should be displayed.

    • Set displayMenuFlag to True to display the menu bar.

    • Set displayMenuFlag to False so that the menu bar is not displayed.

  • Navigation path. If a page is to be loaded in a windoid (using request.getParameter("IS_WINDOID")== 'Y') then both the menu and navigation path will not appear.

  • Background color. You can modify the background color of the page by changing the background-color element to a suitable value in the following line:

    <table style="width: 100%; background-color: #003366;">

    Then, restart the server.

Caution: Every page that contains the Header.jsp file must also include the Footer.jsp file.