Making Changes to Specific Pages

JSP files can reference the CSS files, as follows:

  • Directly, such as the PortletPersonalization style sheet shown in the following example:

    <link rel=stylesheet href='<%=localeCtrl.getCSSFileName("../global/css/PortletPersonalization.css", request)%>' type='text/css'>
  • By reference, such as the global style sheet file shown in the following example:

    <link rel=stylesheet href='<%=localeCtrl.getCSSFileName(AddressLink.GLOBAL_STYLE_SHEET, request) %>' type='text/css'>

    GlobalStyleSheet.css is the global style sheet used throughout much of the standard interface. The GlobalStyleSheet.css file is found in the following directory:

  • By inference, through the use of "include" files as described in Example: JSP, CSS, and the Standard Interface. In this case, you need to examine the "included" file, searching for the CSS file there.