Program Overview Layout Policy

The Program Overview Layout policy controls:

  • Which tab is displayed by default when viewing the program.
  • Whether to show or hide Cost or Business Objective information on the program header.

Option Description
Default Tab for display Select the tab that you want to display by default when opening the program.
Show Cost Indicators on Program Overview Whether to show or hide cost indicators on the program header.
Show Business Objectives Indicator on Program Overview

Whether to show or hide business objectives indicator on the program header.

This option is available only when the use of business objectives is enabled by setting the ENABLE_BUSINESS_OBJ parameter to true.

Use Program Type Name as Title on Program Overview Page

If you select the option, the program title will show as <Program_type_name>: <Program_name> in the program overview page..

Otherwise, the program title is shown as Program: <Program_name>.