Adding Commands to Request Types

To add commands to request types:

  1. On the PPM Workbench shortcut bar, click Demand Mgmt > Request Types.

    The Request Type Workbench opens.

  2. Open a request type.

  3. In the Request Type window, click the Commands tab.

  4. Click New Cmd.

    The New Command window opens.

  5. Provide the following information:

    1. In the Command field, type a name for the command.

    2. In the Condition field, you can type a condition that determines whether the command steps are executed. (For more information, see Command Conditions).

    3. In the Description field, you can type a short description of the command.

    4. In the Timeout(s) field, to change the amount of time the command can run before its process is terminated, replace the default (90 seconds) with a different value (in seconds).

      Note: The Timeout(s) value is used to abort commands that hang or take too long to run.

    5. To disable this command, for the Enabled option, select No. Otherwise, leave Yes selected.

    6. In the Steps field, type the command code.

      To help compose the command, you can do the following:

      • Click Tokens to open the Token Builder and select tokens to add to the command.

      • Click Special Cmd to open the Special Command Builder and select preconfigured commands to add.

      • Click Show Desc to display the Description field, in which you can type a description of the command.

  6. Click OK.

    The Commands tab lists the new command.

  7. Click OK.