The script is used in PPM entity migration.

It requires the following parameters:

-username <Username>

-action <Search>, <Bundle>, <Test>

-referenceCode <Reference_Code>

-entityId <Entity_Id>

  13 Validation
  11 Special Command
  26 Object Type
  17 Report Type
  9 Workflow
  4 Environment
  58 Environment Group
  39 Request Header Type
  19 Request Type
  522 Workplan Template
  61 Overview Page Section
  37 User Data Context
  509 Portlet Definition
  470 Module
  505 Data Source
  521 Project Type

The following parameters are optional:

-url <URL>

-password <Password>

-delimiter <Delimiter>


-keyword <Keyword>

-primaryKey <Primary_Key>

-primaryKeyName <Primary_Key_Name>

-filename <File_Name>