As the mobilized version of the Demand Management module of PPM, PPM Requests app is designed primarily for stakeholders to perform request approval actions. Therefore, not all features and functionality available with the full version of Demand Management module of PPM are available with the app:

  • The following component types are not supported:

    • Staffing profile: Only displays staffing profile ID.
    • Table component: Only displays number of entries.
    • URL and link: Address of the URL or link is displayed, but clicking the address does not bring users to the desired page.
    • Attachment: Only displays attachment filename.
  • The following rule events are not supported for request type rules:

    • Apply on creation
    • Apply on field change
    • Apply on copy

    To perform approval actions on requests with the above rule events, you need to access the full version of PPM.

  • Requests accessed from mobile devices are not editable.
  • Only eligible requests are visible to end users. Requests awaiting approval actions are considered eligible.
  • For the workflow action buttons with long text, the text cannot be fully displayed.
  • End users cannot process request approval workflow actions successfully in the following situations:

    • A workflow step requires authentication.
    • A workflow transition requires notes but there are no notes in the requests.
    • Required fields are empty on look-ahead pages.
    • Required fields are empty on the request detail page.