Reject selected time sheets

  1. From the My PPM Apps page, tap TM Approval.
  2. Tap your desired period type on the Summary View page.

    The All Time Sheets page opens.

  3. On the Submitted tab or the Rejected tab, press and hold a time sheet.

    The Actions dialog box opens.

  4. Tap Multi Select.
  5. Tap the time sheets you want to reject.
  6. Tap Reject.

    The confirmation dialog box opens.

  7. Add some note to indicate reasons for rejection.
  8. Tap Yes.

    The rejected time sheets are moved to the <number> Rejected tab.

  9. Tap in the top left corner to go back to the previous page to view and approve more time sheets.

Note: You can also reject time sheets one by one by tapping each time sheet and then tapping Reject on the Time Sheet Detail page.