View and approve time sheets

Tapping TM Approval in the My PPM Apps screen, you can start viewing and approving time sheets on your smart phone.


  • The TM Approval app does not support approving or rejecting time sheet lines.
  • When using PPM Mobile Website Client, you should always use the back icon in each app, instead of the back icon in the browser, to return to the previous screen.

When you tap the TM Approval app, the Summary View screen opens.

The time sheets awaiting approval are categorized by period type, that is , weekly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, and monthly. The number in each box indicates the amount of time sheets available for approval in the period type.

Note: If the number of time sheets of a certain period type is zero, the corresponding box would not appear in this screen. For example, in the screenshot above, the boxes for the period types bi-weekly and monthly do not appear because there no time sheets of these period types available for approval.

If there is only one period type of time sheets awaiting approval, for example, weekly, the Weekly category box is not shown and you are immediately taken to the All Time Sheets screen shown as below.

Tapping a category, you come to the All Time Sheets screen.

The number in the blue bubble to the right of each time period indicates the amount of time sheet eligible for your approval in the time period.

Swiping right in the time periods, you can see time sheet list of the upcoming time periods, while swiping left, you can see time sheet list of the past time periods.

There are two tabs on the All Time Sheets screen:

  • <number> Submitted: Displays all submitted time sheets in the selected time period.
  • <number> Rejected: Displays all time sheets in the selected time period that were previously rejected. Time sheets that include at least one rejected time sheet line are considered rejected time sheets.