Edit effort

You can edit effort by the following units, depending on the time sheet policies you have applied:

  • Days in Hours
  • Period in Hours
  • Period in percent
  • Day in Days
  • Period in Days

For more information about time sheet policies, see Time Management Configuration Guide.

The following instructions are based on editing effort by Days in Hours unit.

  1. From the Calendar view, tap the date whose effort you want to edit.

    The Daily Time Sheet view opens.

  2. Tap the effort of the desired time sheet line.

    The numeric keyboard appears.

    Note: In Mobile Website Client, you can only enter time effort for each time sheet line. The system automatically calculates the percentage of complete of the time sheet line according to the time effort.

  3. Tap the desired number, and tap Done.
  4. Tap Save at the bottom.

    You are back to the Calendar view.

    If you leave the screen without tapping Save after adding a charge code, a Confirmation prompt would pop up.

    If you tap Yes, you leave this screen with the changes saved; if you tap No, the changes are discarded.