Views in TM Submission

This topic explains different views in the TM Submission app.

Calendar view

When you open the TM Submission app, the Calendar View opens.

The Calendar View s displays the calendar of the current time period by default. Tapping switches to the calendar of an earlier time period, while tapping switches to that of a later time period.

The dates that fall into the current time sheet are in black, with the current date highlighted in blue. The dates with actual time effort have gray angles in the upper right corner of the date cells.

Below the calendar displays the general information of the time sheet: Total Working Hours, Last Modified Date, and Status.

Tapping the Submit button at the bottom submits the time sheet.

Note: If the Submit button is greyed out, it means the time sheet has already been submitted, or no time sheet is created for this time period.

Tapping the View in PPM button opens the time sheet in PPM Web UI so that you can perform more advanced operations not available in the mobile UI.

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Daily Time Sheet view

If you want to see time sheet details for a particular day, tap that date in the calendar. The Daily Time Sheet view opens.

This screen lists the work items information of the time sheet. You can swipe up to see more work items.

Tapping besides the date at the top of the screen switches to the previous day, while tapping switches to the following day.

Tapping in the upper left corner brings you back to the Calendar view.

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Edit Work Item view

Tap the Edit Lines button to open the Edit Work Item view.

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Add Work Item view

Tap the Add button in the Edit Work Item view to open the Add Work Item view.

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