Creating and Configuring Your Portfolio

You create a portfolio to include your current and proposed investments, and then you can configure the portfolio. This section describes how to create a portfolio and configure it.

Create a portfolio

Follow the steps below to create a portfolio.

  1. Prerequisite: To create a portfolio, you should have the Create Portfolios access grant.

  2. From the PPM menu, select Open > Portfolio Management.

    This is the page where all your portfolios are listed.

  3. Click the add icon (+) and select the portfolio type of which you want to create a portfolio.

    Alternatively, you can select Create > Portfolio to open the Create Portfolio dialog.

  4. In the Create Portfolio dialog, fill the information.

    Field Description
    Portfolio Name Give the portfolio a unique name.
    Portfolio Manager

    Select one or more resources to assign as the portfolio managers.

    Only users that have the Edit Portfolio or Edit All Portfolios access grant can be selected as portfolio managers.

    Portfolio Type

    This field lists the portfolio type you selected in step 2.

    If you want to use another portfolio type, use the drop-down list to select the desired one.

  5. Click Done. The portfolio page opens.

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Search for a portfolio

To go to a portfolio page:

  • If you are the portfolio manager,

    1. Click Open > Portfolio Management, and go to the My Portfolios page.

      If you have more than eitht portfolios, they are by default displayed in the Table view. Otherwise, your portfolios are displayed in the Card view.

    2. Click the portfolio name.
  • If you are not the portfolio manager but have the access to view or edit the portfolio,

    1. Click Open > Portfolio Management, and go to the All Portfolios page.

    2. Click the portfolio name.


    1. Search the portfolio by name in the search box, and press Enter.
    2. Click the portfolio from the result.

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Adjust portfolio settings

To adjust portfolio settings:

  1. Prerequisites: You are the portfolio manager, or you have the Edit All Portfolios access grant.

  2. Open a portfolio for which you want to adjust the settings.
  3. In the top right corner, click ... > Portfolio Settings.

    The Portfolio Setting page opens.

  4. In the General section, edit the portfolio settings as required.

  5. Adjust overridable settings

    You can adjust overridable settings in portfolio settings. For details about overridable settings, see Portfolio Type Settings vs. Portfolio Settings.

    If there is a lock in a setting, it means portfolio managers are not allowed to adjust it.

    For details about each setting, see the following:

  6. Click Save to save the changes and close the Portfolio Settings page.

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Delete an empty portfolio

To delete a portfolio:

  1. Prerequisites:

    • The portfolio is empty, that is, it contains no contents (subportfolios, programs, proposals, projects, and assets), epics, or business goals.

    • You have access to edit the portfolio.

  2. From the portfolio page, click ... > Delete Portfolio in the top right corner.

    If the portfolio has contents, epics, or business goals, you should delete them before deleting the portfolio.

  3. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog.

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Export portfolio to Excel

To export a portfolio to Excel, click the Export to Excel icon in the top right corner of the portfolio page.

Only part of the portfolio data is exported to Excel:

What is displayed in portfolio page Exported to Excel worksheet
Portfolio name, portfolio managers, and parent portfolio Overview
Contents tab, Subportfolios section Subportfolios
Contents tab, Programs section Direct Programs
Contents tab, Proposals/Projects/Assets section Direct Proposals Projects Assets

The years shown on the Subportfolios, Direct Programs, and Direct Proposals/Projects/Assets worksheets in the exported Excel file are the years that were selected for display on those sections of the portfolio.

Only the columns you have selected for display are exported, and they are exported in the same order as they are displayed, reflecting all the changes you have made. If data exists but is not displayed in particular places in the portfolio, based on field level security for example, that data is not exported to the spreadsheet.

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