Executing a Project

Once a project starts, team member start to work on their assigned tasks and project managers monitor the project process and performance until it is completed.

Starting a Project

After you finish planning a project, you start it with changing the work plan status to Active and starting running the project workflow.

To activate the project work plan

  1. Open the project work plan.
  2. Double-click the work plan root task.
  3. Select Active in the Status field.

  4. Click Save.

    The status of all the summary tasks changes to Active too.

To start running project workflow

  1. Open the project and go to the Details tab.

    The toolbar contains the workflow action buttons that you have permission to perform.

    The buttons vary depending on the project workflow, which is the workflow associated with the project process request type. See Request Types Policy.

  2. Click the button to launch the project.

    The project status is changed accordingly. Project status is the status of the workflow step where the project has arrived.

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Creating a Work Plan Baseline

A baseline is a snapshot of the work plan at the time you create the baseline. You use baselines to continuously monitor the health of your project in terms of schedule and cost by comparing the current work plan to a baseline.

You can create as many baselines as necessary throughout the project.

  1. Prerequisite: you must have the Project Management license, be the project manager, and have the Manage Work Plan Baselines access grant.
  2. In the Project Overview page > Summary tab > Work Plan portlet, click View Baselines.
  3. Click Create Baseline.
  4. Give the baseline a name and description, and click Create.

Alternatively, you can click Actions > Create a Baseline in a work plan view other than the Quick view.

What you can do with baselines

You can do the following in the Baselines for <project> page.

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Monitoring Project Performance

When a project is started and project team members are working on their own tasks, you, as a project manager can monitor the project performance from various aspects.

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