Set up a team

This topic provides instructions on how to create a team and manage team capacity.

Create a team

Prerequisite: You should have both the Create Resource Pool access grant and the Edit Resource Pools or Edit All Resource Pools access grant.

You can create a team from a resource pool or from scratch. Creating a team from scratch automatically creates a resource pool with the same name.

After you create a team, you can go to its associated resource pool page from the edit team properties dialog.

  • Once you create a team, you cannot delete it. You can only disable it from the associated resource pool page.

    For details, see Disabling and Enabling Resource Pools.

  • By default, disabled teams are not listed in the My Teams or All Teams page. Since PPM 9.62, you can display the disabled teams by clicking the Show Disabled Teams checkbox.

Create a team from a resource pool

If you already have resources managed in a resource pool and you want to group them in a team, you can create a team from the resource pool.

To do so, you simply need to click the link "Create a team for the resource pool" in the resource pool page.

When a team is created for the resource pool:

  • The resources in the resource pool are copied to the team.
  • The resource pool attributes including name, region, status, manager, and org unit are applied to the team.
  • If the resource pool has children, teams are automatically created for the children and nested under the team as subteams.

Create a team from scratch

  1. From the menu, select Open > Team Management. Team Management page opens in the All Teams tab.

  2. Click Create Team.

  3. Specify the team properties as follows.

    Field Description


    Give the team a name.



    Select the team managers. You, as the team creator is the default manager.



    Select a region for the team.

    Team Type

    It can serve as a cost factor in team cost rules to calculate team related costs.

    If the out-of-the-box team type values are not applicable to your team, customize the validation "Team-Team Type" to define team types to your needs.

    Team Specialty

    What your team is professional at.

    It can serve as a cost factor in team cost rules to calculate team related costs.

    If the out-of-the-box team specialty values are not applicable, customize the validation "Team-Team Specialty" to define team specialties to your needs.



    • If you want to create an independent team, leave the Parent field empty.
    • If you want to create a child team of an existing team, select a parent team for your new team.

      You can also create a child team by clicking either of the following links in the parent team page:

      • For PPM 9.66 and later versions, click Add > Team.

      • For PPM 9.65 and earlier versions, click Create Team.

    Description Optional. Type a description for the team.
  4. Click Create.

    Your new team appear in both the All Teams and My Teams tabs.

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Manage team capacity

This section provides details of how to manage team capacity.

Your changes to the team resources simultaneously take effect on the team related resource pool.

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Edit team properties

You can update team properties anytime after team creation.

  1. Open the team details page.
  2. Click the image next to the team name, and click the edit icon.

  3. Update team properties as needed. For properties description, see Create a team from scratch.

    Parent: You update where your team stands in your organization by updating its parent team.

  4. Save your changes.

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Upload your team photo

Upload a photo for your team to help you quickly recognize your team from the team list.

  1. Open the team details page.
  2. Click the image next to the team name, and then click the image with a camera icon on it.

  3. Select an image file to upload.

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