Create retention policies

Use retention policies to control how long PulseUno will keep vault packages and chain logs before removing them. As an administrator, you can create custom retention policies and apply them to chains and vaults.

Retention rules and guidelines

Retention policies apply to chain findings and vault packages.

Review these guidelines before creating a retention policy:

  • By default, chain findings and vault packages are kept for 30 days.

  • After you create a retention policy, you apply it to an individual vault or chain. The retention policy applies to all packages in a vault and all logs in a chain.

    For details, see Set a vault content policy and Set additional chain options.

  • Regardless of the retention policy, PulseUno always keeps the latest version of any package in a vault.

  • You can override the retention policy for individual packages and logs and choose to keep them forever.

  • Maven vaults: For a Maven snapshot version that can be delivered multiple times, the retention policy applies to snapshot deliveries the same way it applies to package versions. Regardless of the retention policy, PulseUno always keeps the latest delivery of each snapshot.

    Example: If your retention policy is set to retain 3 items, PulseUno will keep 3 versions of each Maven package and 3 deliveries of each Maven snapshot.

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Add a retention policy

You can add multiple retention policies and set different policies for individual vaults and chains.

To create a retention policy:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Administration > Retention Policies.

  2. Click New Retention Policy .

  3. Specify the details of the retention policy:

    Field Description
    Title Enter a title for the new retention policy.
    Description (Optional) Provide additional information about the retention policy.
    Items to retain

    Chains: Specify the number of chain findings to retain in the log, for example, 100.

    Vaults: Specify the number of versions to keep for each package, for example, 3.

    Max item age Specify how many days chain findings or package versions will be retained, for example, 365 (one year).
    Max size Specify the maximum size of the vault or log in MB, for example, 1024 (1 GB). When the vault or log reaches this size, PulseUno removes the oldest items.
  4. Click Save.

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