Other administrative tasks

This topic describes how to clear PulseUno caches and handle the administrative tasks related to Dimensions CM.

Clear PulseUno caches

If you have made a configuration change and it is not visible, try clearing the relevant cache.

To clear a cache:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Administration > Caches.

  2. On the Caches page, click Clear next to the cache you want to empty:

    • Repository files cache

    • Avatar images cache

    • HTML file difference cache

  3. To clear all caches, click Clear All.

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Dimensions CM-related administrative tasks

For information about the following Dimensions CM-related administration tasks, see the Dimensions CM Administration Guide:

  • Customizing rule scripts.
  • Setting the JDBC URL.
  • Location of Common Tools and PulseUno data directories in a Dimensions CM installation.

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