Set system properties

To help you diagnose possible issues with the system, PulseUno provides access to system configuration in the user interface. As an administrator, you can modify and reset system properties.

Caution: Changing system defaults may have unexpected results. We recommend that you make such changes only for diagnostic purposes and with the help of Support. To modify your avatar server and mail server settings, use the relevant Administration sections, Administration > User Data and Avatars and Administration > Notifications.

To change system properties:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Administration > System Properties.

  2. On the System Properties page, find the property you need to change. In the Value field, enter a new value, or select an option from the list, or use the toggle button to enable/disable the property.

    Example: To change the default language of the user interface, update the ui.language property.

    Changing the value activates the Save and Reset buttons next to the property.

  3. Click Save to save the property.

    To go back to the default setting, click Reset.

For some system properties to take effect, you may need to restart the PulseUno web application.

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