Install PulseUno

Use this overview of PulseUno components and installation methods to prepare for a PulseUno installation on Windows or Linux.

For details on how to install PulseUno as part of Dimensions CM, see the Dimensions CM help.

Installation methods

Prerequisites: Before installing, ensure that you have fulfilled all the prerequisites. See Before you install.

You can install PulseUno on a Windows or Linux machine using one of the following methods:


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Installation components

The PulseUno installer includes the following modules:

PulseUno server The main server with the PulseUno web application. This is where PulseUno stores its configuration information. The database is accessed through this server.
Vault server The server for the library of software components (packages).
Git server The server for Git repositories.

For details about the PulseUno components, see Architecture overview.

You can install all the modules on the same system, or use different machines and install each module separately. For example, you might consider having your Vault server on a separate machine to ensure enough disk space for packages.

Windows only: The installation package also includes an embedded PostgreSQL database, which you can use instead of an external database.

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PulseUno license

PulseUno provides an evaluation option limited to three users and three agents. To have more users or agents, determine what type of licenses and how many of them you need.

For details, see PulseUno licensing.

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