Upgrade PulseUno

This topic provides instructions on how to upgrade PulseUno to the latest version.

If you installed PulseUno as part of Dimensions CM, see the Dimensions CM help.

Upgrade prerequisites

Before you upgrade PulseUno, back up your current installation. Make a copy of the root directory where the PulseUno data directories are stored:


%ProgramData%\Micro Focus\PulseUno

For example: C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\PulseUno

If installed with an embedded PostgreSQL database, also back up the directory containing user data:




For example: /opt/microfocus/PulseUno/data

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Upgrade PulseUno to the latest version

To upgrade PulseUno to the latest version, run the installer on top of your existing installation. The installer removes the earlier product version and installs the new version using your current PulseUno database, application server, and mail server settings.

Upgrade methods:

After the upgrade, complete the Post-installation steps.

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Upgrade agents

After you upgraded the PulseUno server, make sure to upgrade the associated agents. When you upgrade an agent, it downloads the agent code from the server and installs it.

You upgrade agents from the PulseUno user interface. You also need to upgrade the chains running on the agent.

To upgrade an agent:

  1. Log in to PulseUno as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Agents.
  3. On the Agents page, click the agent's name to open the agent.
  4. Click Upgrade.

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