Create Dimensions CM requests

You can add Dimensions CM requests to a backlog. To create a request based on the details of an existing request, you can prime an existing Dimensions CM request.

Create a request

You can create Dimensions CM from scratch.

To create a request:

  1. Open the backlog where you want to add the request. Optionally select the epic or feature that will contain the request.

    Alternatively, open the request catalog.

  2. Click New and select a request type, for example, ECR.
  3. On the General tab:

    • Give the request a title and summarize its purpose.

    • For Acceptance Criteria specify the criteria to be met before the request is considered to be complete.

    • For Story Points estimate the total number of points required to complete the work and the points remaining until will be finished. Story points are an estimation of a request’s relative complexity compared to other requests, and the effort required to complete it.

    • (Optional) Relate the new request to a stream and design part.

  4. On the Attributes tab, specify or select values. Each request type has different attributes, and some may be required. The attributes are similar to those in the Dimensions CM clients.


    • You can hide read-only attributes.
    • Only attributes that you have the privilege to edit are displayed.
    • The displayed fields depend on the request type and how it has been customized by a Dimensions CM administrator.
  5. Click Save.

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Prime a request

You can create a Dimensions CM request based on the properties of an existing request. In Dimensions CM, this is known as priming a request.

The new request can be:

  • In the same or a different product.
  • A different request type.
  • Related to the request from which it was primed.

Note: The request on which you are basing the new request must have a priming relationship. For details, see the Dimensions CM Administration Console online help.

To create a request based on an existing request:

  1. Open the request catalog.
  2. Open the request that you want to prime.
  3. Click Prime To and select a request type.
  4. Select a relationship type, for example, Duplicate.
  5. Click Prime.
  6. Complete the form the same as for a new request.

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Add an action description to a request

You can add an action description to a request without actioning it.

To add an action description:

  1. Open the request where you want to add a description.
  2. From the Actions menu , select Add Action Description.
  3. Enter a description and click Add.

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