Run Script in Docker Container

With this plugin, you can use a command to run a script in a running Docker container, without logging in to the container.


When you add this plugin step to a chain in PulseUno, modify the following configuration fields:

Field Description
Title Enter a name for the plugin step.
Root context directory for script (Optional) Enter the root context directory, which normally contains the dockerfile for the image.
Docker image name Enter the name of the Docker image where the script will run.
Path to mount workspace (Optional) Enter the path within the container the workspace will be mounted.
Type of script Select to use either inline command or file path.
Script language

Select a script language:

  • Shell Script
  • Windows Batch
  • Windows PowerShell
File path Enter the path to the file that contains the command. Use single quotes to escape spaces in the path name.
Command line Enter the command that you want to run.
Advanced options (Optional)
Docker host Docker host to use. Default: tcp://
Local file path on Agent to certificates Local file path on Agent to certificates.
Automatically remove container Automatically removes Docker container.

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