Changeset reports

The Changeset report displays information about changeset creation and health.

To view a changeset report:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Spaces, select a space, and then a product or Git repository.
  2. Select the stream/branch where you want to view the report.
  3. In the sidebar, select Reports > Changesets.
  4. Select a date range from the filter on the top right. The default range is the last 3 months.

The Changesets Delivered section displays:

  • A graph of changeset delivery frequency over the date range.
  • The total number of users who contributed and their deliveries.

The Changesets by State section displays:

  • Colored tiles that indicate changeset health and display the total number of changesets for each state.

  • A graph of the health of changeset deliveries over time. You can select the following display options:

    Stacked Displays the changeset states stacked one on top of each other. The pop up label displays the total number of changeset states per day.
    Stream Displays each changeset state separately and shows the trend. The pop up label displays the total number of changeset states per day.
    Expanded Similar to Stacked but the graph is expanded to 100%. The pop up label displays the changeset states as a percentage of the total number of deliveries for each day.

The Changesets Details section lists all the changesets delivered over the date range. Click a changeset or review label to view more details.

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