Configure HTTP access to vaults

You can set up an HTTP connection to a vault if you want to use HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Set up HTTP access to a Maven vault

You can enable HTTP access to your Maven vault.

Maven 3.8.1 and later: Because Maven 3.8.1 and later doesn't support non-HTTPS repositories, we recommend that you configure your Vault server for HTTPS. For details, see information about configuring web tools for HTTPS in the Dimensions CM Administration Guide.

To set up an HTTP connection to a Maven vault:

Create a custom Maven settings.xml or .mvn/local-settings.xml file with the following entry:


For details on creating the settings file, see the Maven help.


Suppose this is the way you vault is configured in the pom.xml file:

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Then, to unblock HTTP access to the vault, include the following entries in the settings file:

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