Contributor reports

You can display a list of all the developers that have made deliveries. The tiles display the number of changesets delivered and the health of their chains:

  • Green tiles: the chains were successful and are healthy

  • Yellow tiles: the chain are unstable and there are health issues

  • Red tiles: the chains failed and there are health issues

  • Grey tiles: no chains ran on the changesets

Mouse over a colored section of a contributor's bar to display its percentage of the total number of changesets that have been delivered. The contributor's total number of deliveries is displayed to the right of their bar. The total number of contributors and deliveries for all developers is displayed at the top of the page.

  1. Select the level where you want to display the report (a space, product, or stream/branch).

  2. In the sidebar select Reports and then Contributors.

  3. Select a date range from the filter on the top right. The default is the last 3 months.

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