Delete streams

As an administrator, you can delete streams by unregistering them.

Note: This functionality is relevant only if PulseUno is used with Dimensions CM.

When deleting streams, take into account:

  • Reviews in PulseUno are not deleted when their parent location is deleted. You can search for reviews and re-register the stream to browse to them. For details, see Search.
  • Unregistering a stream does not affect Dimensions CM. The stream is automatically re-registered in PulseUno when deliveries are made to it in CM (unless the parent product is also unregistered).
  • Unregister a stream if you deleted the corresponding object in Dimensions CM and do not want it to appear in PulseUno.

To unregister a stream:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Spaces.

  2. Select a space, a product, and then select one or more streams.

  3. Click the Delete icon and confirm.

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