Inspect plugin measurements and findings

You can inspect plugin results and findings in the review where the chain ran or the associated changeset.

Review results include:

  • Finding for each chain plugin, including Errors, Warnings, Failures, and Information.

  • Measurements for each plugin.

    Measurements are a set of single-valued judgments about source code. For example, 24,847 might be a measurement of lines of code, and High might be a measurement of the security risk level.

The state of each chain run is indicated by these icons and colors:

The chain run was successful.
The chain run completed but failed.
The chain run completed but is unstable.
The chain run is in progress.
The chain run has not started.
The chain run was abandoned.
The chain run was stopped or terminated.

To inspect plugin results and findings:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Spaces and select a space.

  2. Select a product/Git repository and, optionally, a stream/branch.

  3. In the sidebar, select Reviews or Changeset History. Scroll down to a review or changeset and select it.

The Chain Runs section displays results for all the plugins that ran on this review. Expand each plugin to view its measurements and findings. Some plugins may include a link to a web page that provides more details.

The Contents section of a review displays a list of all the files in the review and the number of plugin findings for each file.

  1. To view a plugin's findings for a specific file, select the file in the Contents section.

  2. From the Show menu, select Show Entire File.

  3. Scroll down the file until you see results that you want to inspect. Each line number with a result has a color that represents one of these categories:

    • Blue: information

    • Dark orange: error

    • Orange: warning

    A line may have multiple results.

  4. Point to a line number to view information.

  5. A tooltip showing the contents of an expert finding

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