Modify pull requests

You can open and view pull requests. If you are the pull request author, you can:

  • Edit the title and description.
  • Change the author.
  • Add and remove reviewers.
  • Change the related request.
  • Change the display defaults.

To modify a pull request:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Spaces, select a space, and then a product or Git repository.

  2. (Optional) To restrict the scope of the search, select a stream or branch.

  3. In the sidebar, select Reviews.

  4. From the Reviews list, select a filter, for example, Active.

  5. Select the pull request that you want to modify. In the Conversation tab, you can change the description, author (owner of the pull request), reviewers, and related request.

    All changes are saved automatically.

  6. To edit the title or display defaults, select an option from the Actions menu .

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