Publish a review

When a review is created, its initial state is Draft. As an administrator or review owner, you can publish the review so that it is available to your team.

The owner is normally the user that delivered the changesets that created the review.

To publish a draft review:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Spaces and select a space.

  2. (Optional) Select a product or Git repository, and a stream or branch.

  3. In the sidebar, select Reviews.

  4. From the review list, open the review you want to publish.

  5. On the review page, click Publish and confirm. The review is now at the state In Review.

Dimensions CM only: If you use requests to deliver files to Dimensions CM, your administrator will typically configure PulseUno to automatically publish reviews when the corresponding request is actioned to a particular state. In this case you do not need to publish reviews.

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