Register a Dimensions CM stream to a product

Dimensions CM streams are registered automatically in a PulseUno product when anyone makes a delivery to that stream. However, administrators can manually register a stream, for example, to add a chain before the next delivery to that stream.

Note: This functionality is relevant only if PulseUno is used with Dimensions CM.

To register a stream to a product:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Spaces and select a space.

  2. Select the product where you want to register a stream.

  3. Click Register Stream.

  4. In the Stream Name box start typing the name of a stream. PulseUno automatically displays a list of all the streams that match the string (not case-sensitive).

    Tip: Use wildcards to help you find a stream:

    • Enter an asterisk (*) at the end of a string to match a range of names, for example, DEV:STREAM_A*.

    • Enter an asterisk (*) to view all the streams in a Dimensions CM product.

  5. Select a stream.

  6. Click Save. The stream is registered with the product. Now you can:

Note: Similar to Dimensions CM streams in a product, Git branches are added and removed automatically in a PulseUno Git repository.

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