Use review lists

A review list displays reviews for products, Git repositories, streams, and branches.

Each row in a review list is a separate review and includes the following information:

  • An icon that indicates the review's current state, for example, In Review or Approved.

  • The review's label (number and title).

  • The date the review was created.

  • The product or Git repository associated with the review.

  • The stream or branch associated with the review.

  • The user who created the review.

  • The users who are reviewing the review.

To open and filter a review list:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Spaces and select a space.

  2. Select a product or Git repository.

  3. (Optional) To view reviews for a particular stream or branch, select the stream or branch.

  4. In the sidebar, select Reviews. The Review page opens, displaying a list of reviews that you own.

  5. To view a different type of reviews, for example, drafts or closed reviews, select a filter from the Reviews list.
  6. Note: Only administrators can filter reviews that are at the Completed or Abandoned states.

  7. To sort reviews by category, click Sort by and select a category. By default, reviews are sorted by last modified date.

  8. To sort reviews in ascending or descending order, click the Ascending/Descending button.

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