View information on review pages

This topic provides a summary of the review page structure and content, and describes how you can view and filter the displayed information.


Each review page contains the following information:

  • An icon that indicates the review's current state, for example, In Review or Approved.

  • The review's ID and title.

  • The associated stream or project.

  • A summary of the review's health, for example, The chains indicated this change is good.

  • Reviewer votes.

  • The review owner and the lead and optional reviewers.

  • Recent activity on the review.

  • Related requests.

  • Reviews associated with the same request.

  • The results of chains that ran on the changesets.

  • Associated changesets.

  • The files and directories associated with the changesets.

  • The contents of the files in the review.

Tip: Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around a review page. For details, see Keyboard shortcuts.

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The recent activity on the review is displayed in the Activity section, for example:

  • The delivery that created the review.
  • Chains that ran on the review.

Use the following filters to narrow down the displayed results:

Filter Description
Discussions & Deliveries Displays only user-generated events, such as Review sent for rework, and comments added by reviewers.
Grouped Also displays the results of chains and plugins that ran on the changesets associated with the review.
All Displays both of the above.

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Related requests are displayed in the Requests section, and a summary of the first one is expanded. Click the title of a request to view its details.

The results of any chains that have run on the changesets associated with the review are displayed in the Chain Runs section. For details, see Run chains.

Expand a chain run to view the measurements and findings of each plugin.

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The changesets associated with the review are displayed in the Changesets section. Multiple changesets are associated with a review if users have made several deliveries to a stream using the same request.

If a review is associated with multiple changesets, you can filter the files that are displayed.

To compare changesets:

  1. In the Changesets section, select two changesets to compare with each other.

  2. Click View. The contents section and the sidebar are updated, and only files that have changed between the selected changesets are displayed.

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The Contents section, and the sidebar, display the files and directories in a review. You can view the contents of any file and add comments. For details, see:

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