Set changeset graph and date range defaults

Set a default date range to limit the data displayed in views to a particular time period. You can also select default options for how the changeset graph is displayed.

To set the default date range and the changeset graph view:

  1. In PulseUno, click the user icon at the top right, and select Preferences.

  2. In the sidebar, select Preferences > Changeset Views.

  3. To set the changeset graph view, specify the following options:

    Display Scale

    Select one of the display options:

    • Changeset. Displays individual changesets.

    • Daily. Groups changesets by days.

    • Week. Groups changesets by weeks.

    Zoom level Select the scale at which you want to view changesets. By default, changesets are displayed at 100% scale.
  4. To set the time period for which to display the changesets and other data, select the Start and End dates.

    The date range applies to Reports, the Changeset Graph, Changeset History, Contributors, and Punch Card.

  5. Click Save.

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